How safe is the “Internet of Things”
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How safe is the “Internet of Things”

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A recent surbey by a UK based online security firm has revealed that two-thirds of UK consumers are concerned about the security of Internet of Things devices – but nearly 75% cannot take steps to secure them. The surbey polled more than 6,000 UK consumers and revealed that despite the fast adoption of internet of things (IoT) devices, 72% of UK consumers admit they do not have a clue how to secure them. At the same time, two thirds of those polled said they were concerned about data theft from their IoT-connected devices.

“There is little or no effective security in most IoT devices,” Grey Huws, managing consultant at RA Consulting,.

There is also a lot of deployment without planning for how it is all going to work – and lots of land-grabs for market share,” he said – meaning companies are more concerned about getting products to market, than about ensuring those products are secure.

The survey shows that the internet of things is set to become larger and more pervasive in the near future, with more than a quarter of consumers set to buy IoT devices in the next year.

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